MRsoft EBS:

MRsoft Enterprise Business Solution (EBS) is an integrated financial management enterprise solution that incorporates the management of the material assets and human resources of an organisation. Its features include the management of the budgetary and financial reporting systems of non-public organisation.

MRsoft ERMS:

MRsoft Enterprise Revenue Management System (ERMS) is a fully integrated financial system designed and developed for the management of the financial activities of public institutions. It is designed to be used for the preparation, execution and monitoring of budgets, the management of revenue collection and fund disbursement, documentation of the procurement, distribution and retirement of assets. And the management of all human resource functions, from the point of recruitment, the management of employee job role, performance evaluation, the training and retirement of employees.

MRsoft LMS:

MRsoft Learning Management System (LMS) is used to offer online training (or delivery of e-Learning content). These contents can be developed into courses which can be assigned, offered or sold to learners who may be students, employees, partners, customers or the general public. This application enables the monitoring and management of the learning process of trainees or learners from the point of enrollment to the assessment of their performance. Organisations and academic institutions can use this solution to create virtual classes for a course with participants joining the class online.


MRsoft Exploration and Production Information Management System (EPIMS) is a web-based system with robust data capture feature for input of land data and attributes. It is a database of acquisition requests, land related issues, spills notification, demand notification, landowners, communities, right of way data, leases, payment, and reporting processes associated with the management of land assets in the Oil & Gas Industry

MRsoft LDMS:

MRsoft Land Data Management System (LDMS) automates ‘Land Administration’ process whereby land and information about land are effectively managed, including the provision of information on land, their location, size, improvements, ownership and value. It also automates ‘Land Management’ process that manages the use and development of land resources in a sustainable way by maintaining records of interest such as rights, restrictions and responsibilities associated with such land.

MRsoft HMS:

MRsoft Hospital Management System is an application that harmonizes all the business processes and procedures in hospitals. When implemented, the application facilitates better patient/doctor appointment, reduced patients waiting time, improved drug administration process, promote accountability and better service delivery. It contains healthcare industry standard accounts management system that gives real time report on overall hospital business performance. The application also generates information to aid quick management decisions making.

MRsoft SDCS:

MRsoft Seismic Damages & Compensation System (SDCS) is an application designed to address the challenge with the objective evaluation of damages done to economic trees and cash crops in an area during seismic operations. Using this application evaluator can conveniently and accurately determine extend of damage done to facilitate the full compensation of land owners for any loss they suffer.

MRsoft CMS:

MRsoft Church Management System (CMS) solution is used to manage the several databases usually kept by churches in paper or electronically form. Using our Church Management Systems churches can better manage the documentation of funds received and their disbursement. On real-time basis those that manage the activities and assests can effectively communicate with members. They are also able to make prompt and value added decisions in the management of their member’s welfare, planning of programmes and execution of developmental projects.

MRsoft ESP:

MRsoft Enterprise Schools Portal (ESP) is an integrated and robust state-of-the-art enterprise schools portal for the effective and efficient management of administrative and academic function in educational institutions. Our Enterprise Schools Portal can be deployed in the management of the records of students, teachers and non-teaching employees. Information on courses and subject offered can be accessed by users after their registrations. Lecture timetables, attendance records, conduct of periodic test and examinations, and results documentation can also be done on the portal. Our ESP can also be used in the allocation of resources such as bed space in hostels and granting of access to instution's library.