MRsoftLDMS: Land Data Management System

Product Description:
LDMS automates ‘Land Administration’ process whereby land and information about land are effectively managed, including the provision of information on land, their location, size, improvements, ownership and value. It also automates ‘Land Management’ process that manages the use and development of land resources in a sustainable way by maintaining records of interest such as rights, restrictions and responsibilities associated with such land.

Key Functionalities

  • Robust data capture feature for input of Land parcel data and attributes, acquisition requests, land related issues, spills notification, and demand notification, land owners/lords, communities, right of way data, leases.
  • Tracks contractual obligations and provisions from inception to closeout. Automatically raise alerts to designated action parties as a way of improving the processes.
  • Computes and processes all compensations, claims, lease, rentals, tenement rates, and all other land related payments e.g. consultant’s fees.
  • Produces payment advice for all payments which will form the bases for payments
  • Has functionality for approvals (for payment processing and acquisition requests) to be obtained or given online by a designated authoriser.
  • a corporate, comprehensive, accurate and Oracle-based database of land holdings, acquisition data/documents, payments data/documents, land owners/lords, communities, Right of Ways, leases, and Spills. Store all data in the Oracle database in a searchable and retrievable manner.
  • Stores historic information on all acquisitions, payments, spills, leases, land owners/lords, and communities. Such historic data will remain frozen throughout the data retention period.
  • Has a Database link to Spatial Data Infrastructure Systems database to enable graphical visualisation of land parcels, and analyses of the underlying spatial data

Target Market

Oil & Gas companies, government and individuals

Main Benefits
  • Improved ability to manage acquisition, and maintenance of leases, contracts, and payments information owing to LDMS ability to integrate textual and spatial data, with other related information, making it a true one-stop information centre for land Information.
  • Designed with specific and general understanding and appreciation of the land business process in mind.
  • Robust reporting module that can generate standard/ad-hoc reports and also derive data required to fulfill contract/incident obligations
  • Reduction in response time to claims on land related issues. This will lead to improvements in NOSRA’s (National Oil Spill Detection & Response Agency) reputation.
  • Faster and better decisions resulting from improved access to land information.
  • Up-to-date and harmonized database for all oil production facilities, their owners, communities and landlords.
  • Improved efficiency in land administration and management workflow, leading to improvements in customer satisfaction index.
  • Detailed audit trail of compensations and claims transaction processing, thus providing a basis for better business control.

MRsoftHMS: Hospital Management System

Product Description:

This is an application that will harmonize all the business processes and procedures of a hospital. When implemented, the application will ensure better patient/doctor appointment, reduced patients waiting time, improved drug administration and accountability, better service delivery and provide an efficient and industry standard accounts management system that will give a real time report on overall business performance. The application will generate information to aid quick management decisions.

Key Functionalities
  • HMS has functionality to support the workflow for the key activities of patient’s registration, doctor’s appointment scheduling, consultation, laboratory tests, prescription, drug dispensation and payment. It has an embedded workflow engine which allows the automation of processes that are traditionally manual in nature.
  • It has capacity to maintain a comprehensive and accurate database of all patients’ demographic profiles, patients’ treatment history, drug inventory and movement, payment history etc.
  • It has a flexible but robust report functionality that allows doctors and managers to create custom reports, preview existing standard reports, or preview data online.
  • It runs on a web browser and connects to a SQL database at the backend.
  • It is configurable to specific business requirements allowing administrators to turn on functionalities that are required and turn off the rest.
  • It supports correspondence with patients via sms and emails and alerts out-patients of the time to take their drugs.
  • The application can be configured to accept any number of wards.
  • The system can take an inventory of drugs and their expiry dates and alert the pharmacist of drugs that will expire in a month’s time.
  • It can generate a periodic account statement/invoice of all transactions (ie medical treatment) of staff of a retainer company that visited for treatment.
  • Supports automatic re-order of drugs that are nearing depletion.
  • Has an efficient multi-level access management feature. Profiles can be created for users in order to gain access to restricted modules. Access to restricted modules will be password driven.
  • Maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all change activities to the database and application.

Target Market
Hospitals & Clinics (Public & Private).

Main Benefits
 Improved ability to manage patients.
 Reduced patient waiting time.
 Automated notification to out-patients on drug administration.
 Faster and better decisions resulting from improved access to information.
 Up-to-date and harmonized database for drugs, their prices and expiry dates.
 Improved efficiency in hospital administration, leading to improvements in customer satisfaction index.
 Produces a Profit and Loss Account.
 Ability to monitor drug usage.
 Generates invoices and receipts.
 Ability to automatically request re-order for drugs that are nearing depletion to suppliers.
 Ability to generate a list of debtors.
 Interface/handshake with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
 Good business control.

MRsoftSDCS: Seismic Damages & Compensation System

Product Description:
This application collates cash crops and economic trees that are damaged during seismic operations and determines compensation for the owners.

Key Functionalities
 Damaged item Entry
 Items Costing
 Save and retrieve entries
 Six levels of Approval
 Batch Printing
Target Market
Oil & Gas companies.

Main Benefits
 Correct assessment of crops damaged
 Produce reports for management decision

MRsoftCMS: Church Management System

Product Description:
Manages members and pastors databases and church accounts

Key Functionalities
 Membership management
 Pastors’ Allocation and transfer
 Pledges Management
 Contributions management
 Church Accounts management

Target Market
Churches & Voluntary Organisations

Main Benefits
 On time Reporting
 Fast and secure Data retrieving
 Accurate financial reports
 Comprehensive Pastors’ Performance reports

UnifiedBudget: Budget Planning, Implementation and Monitoring System

Product Description:
It is a software application that manages the budgeting process from planning, implementation and monitoring.

Key Functionalities
  1. Capture and maintain the following Budgeting data:
    • Budget Planning
    • Budget Phasing
    • Budget Implementation
    • Budget Monitoring
    • Accrual Accounting
    • Financial Statements & Reporting
    • Contract Management
    • Invoice and Receipt
  2. Provides the following functionalities:
    • It can be used by any tier of Government (Federal, State and Local Govt)
    • Harmonization of the budget of the three tiers of Government that are decentralized
    • Provides interface between payroll and budget
    • Manages actual performance including contracts and payments
    • Support for standardization and benchmarking
    • Provides a common costing guideline and tariffs leading to greater efficiency in the use of resources.
    • Captures all budgeting allocations for recurrent and capital and expenditure.
    • Aids in monitoring expenditures/implementation
    • Produces reports for management decisions
    • Supports automated processes for input and retrieval of data that eliminates manual interventions and enhances auditability and budget traceability.
    • It is International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) compliant.

Target Market
Governments (LGA, State & Federal).

Main Benefits
 One centralised system for managing budgeting process
 Speed in data input and output
 Higher level of accuracy and transparency
 Standardisation in the presentation of budgeting materials for discussion
 Higher accountability in owning/ managing budget processes by MDA’s
 Simplified reporting and structure across all MDA’s
 Simplified implementation and monitoring of budget performance at any time
 Adaptable to any government/regulatory agency
 Greater accountability to the people

MRsoftERP: Enterprise Resource Planning System

The MRsoft ERP system is an integrated and specialised software solution with effective tools to help support inventory management, requests and approvals and financial accounting. The accounting package simplifies and automates complex, manual financial management process and improves the accessibility, accuracy and timeliness of mission critical financial data. The basic goal of using the MRsoft ERP is to provide one central repository for all information that is shared by all the various ERP facets to improve the flow of data across the organization. It consists of the following modules:

  • Inventory Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Sales Module
  • Accounts Module
  • Payroll Module
  • Requests and Approval Module

Each of the modules has features/functions to handle specific business processes as follows:

  1. Ability to manage multiple shops or branches
  2. Unlimited packaging e.g. Counts, Carton, Half carton.
  3. Smart POS
  4. Accurate stock count
  5. Stock transfer
  6. Warehouse Management
  7. Manage Return Items
  8. Manage Damaged Items
  9. Five level of Product Classification
  10. General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss account
  11. Automated Approvals for Requests


  • Accurate financial reports
  • Accurate Stock Counting
  • Secure Data
  • 24Hr Support
  • Automated Accounting
  • Real Time Data Visualization

MRsoftESP: Enterprise Schools Portal

Product Description:
MRsoftESP is an integrated, robust state-of-the-art Schools Portal for effective and efficient management and administration of information and records relating to academic and non-academic activities of Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics. This will introduce the use of ICT to manage and administer all the processes run manually by the University.

Key Functionalities
  • Online application form sales
  • Fees and payment scheduling
  • Admission processing and management
  • Students records database management and administration
  • Exams and records processing and management
  • The system can interface with the bank to enable direct payment by students
  • Lecturers database administration.
  • Profile management
  • Human Resources Module
  • Payroll Processing Module
  • Hostel/accommodation allocation management
  • Secure Database/Application servers built around CISCO technology
  • Ability to incorporate features that are specific to the University (Custom Management).
  • Have multi-level access management features to staff and student information
  • Data and reports can be exported to excel file formats for further analysis.
  • Provide numerous standard management reports on all functions as required by management
  • Implements fail-over. (99% system availability)
  • Provide audit trails of access & activities (amendments, deletion, additions)

Target Market
Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and Educational Institutes.

Main Benefits

  • Minimizing high administrative overheads
  • Easy to use and high functionality footprint
  • Strong financial control and flexibility
  • 80% Time-saving in processing student applications
  • 40% Time-saving in fees payment collection deposits
  • 50% Reduction in paper and file retention
  • 30% Reduction in human error
  • System is Secured
  • Eliminates fees payment fraud
  • Eliminates results scores tampering by lecturers or other parties
  • Reduce Payroll processing time drastically
  • Preserve data integrity and accuracy
  • Maintaining accurate number of staff at all times
  • Assist in detection and elimination of ghost workers
  • Enable transparency in taxation, deductions and allowances management
  • Reduce under-/over payments in the system
  • Availability and easy access to staff and payroll records (according to access level defined for staff)
  • Ensure timely processing of payments (promotions, transfers, pension, gratuity, etc.)
  • Maintenance and management of student’s financial records, course registrations and exams records database.
  • Transactions will be available for access on real time and online bases.
  • Students have access to the system to find out how much they have paid to date, how much they are still owing, print statements and receipts of payment, register for courses, view their results etc.
  • Students can make payments on their own using any ATM Card or pay through banks and have their records updated immediately.
  • Preparation of result sheet becomes easy because it is processed by the system and produced as standard reports
  • Preparation of student transcript is automated
  • Course scheduling is easy to manage
  • The approval process of students’ results is easy

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